Nancy Rodriguez

Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Specialist

Encouraging, Empowering and Educating Families After Giving Birth

My name is Nancy Rodriguez and I am a postpartum doula (PPD) and newborn care specialist (NCS). I have been married for 18 years to a wonderful man who supports everything I do to care for moms and babies. Our two beautiful sons are Emerson (age 14), and Diego (age 11). We reside in sunny Southern California, where I have created my postpartum & newborn care business, Nancy’s Nurturing Doula & Newborn Care Services.

In 2008, I transitioned from being a medical assistant to a PPD/NCS. After having two high risk pregnancies of my own, that ultimately ended in postpartum depression, I began researching what types of support were available to new mothers. Discovering the postpartum doula role was eye opening for me. I knew women needed and deserved this type of support after giving birth, and that it was an essential part of helping reduce instances of depression, and could also help families feel more confident and empowered in their journey.

In 2008 I took my DONA International postpartum doula training with Kathrin Auger at Bini Birth, and took it again in 2012; from there I went on to take several newborn care trainings with a variety of instructors through NCSA, and just recently trained with Nancy Nels Hamm and Katie Morin. To more fully support my clientele, I am also a trained placenta encapsulation specialist through PBiU and Lactaction Educator through CAPPA. Over the past 10 years, I have learned so much and grown from all the experiences I’ve had working for a diverse array of families, each with their own set of needs and goals. My experiences range widely: singletons, twins, premature infants, sleep training, surrogacy, adoption, breastfeeding and feeding support, babies with colic, moms with postpartum mood disorders, sibling/baby integration, and much more.

I have a caring heart, and a deep responsibility and commitment to providing excellent support to my clients during their parenthood journeys. I am happy to work for local families, but am also available to travel and take on short 24/7 contracts. I am up to date on my vaccines and am CPR certified. It would be a pleasure to support you as you bring your little one into this world.

Contact Information:
Phone: (213) 840 – 1986