Janet Purvis

Loving Hands Helping You Adjust To Your New Life With Your New Baby

Janet is a Newborn Care Specialist. Janet started her journey with children many years ago by attending nannying school and also by studying child psychology and early childcare at college. After graduating Nanny School, she was spent many years working as a nanny with different families learning how the family dynamics worked and what is needed to make a happy and healthy family.

Janet loves babies and children and is a natural at what she does. Janet grew up as one of four children in the Midwest. She actually started watching children when she was asked to watch her younger sister the summers for a few hours when her parents work hours over lapped from there she spent most summer working as a babysitter for others. A few years after high school she attend some class at a local college then went to NannySchool in Ohio. She enjoyed helping the families with the children of various ages babies up to 8 yrs old but found that she was really drawn to the babies and decided to specialize in them.

Janet enjoys helping new moms adjust to their new life with their newborns as well as the second and third time moms. She is quite good with the toddlers and helping them adjust to the new baby. She finds a way to make them feel as important as the baby. Janet is also a whiz at organizing the nursery and actually really truly enjoys it.

Janet’s goal is to help families adjust and feel at ease with their newborns. Allowing them to be the parents and make the decisions and support them in their decisions. She provides nonjudgmental support, encouragement and advice regarding breast-feeding and newborn care. Janet helps the parents develop a sustainable schedules that fits their lifestyle. Also she will follow a schedule that the client decides they want even if it’s not the one that she has designed. Janet is quite experienced with babies with reflux and Gerd. She is also very experience in caring for babies who have had NEC( Necrotizing Enterocolitis) and have had intestinal surgery.

Janet has a fun loving and calm demeanor that fits into any family. She is like chameleon. You actually don’t even know she’s there unless you want to know she’s there. Janet has worked for various families from just your average family to high profile families. She has many families ask her to stay on a become their nanny. She actually said yes once (23 yrs ago) and ended up in NYC for 3 yrs. but after a couple bad winters there it was hello California again!!

When not working Janet enjoys staying home gardening and playing with her cat.
She also spends her time collecting clothing and items to donate to local homeless shelter.

Contact Information:
Phone: (310) 800-8082
Email: smilinred18@gmail.com