We are a group of Newborn Care Professionals, Postpartum Doula’s and Newborn Care Specialists. We offer postpartum and newborn care support, mainly, in Southern California. Please feel free to inquire and contact us even if you don’t reside in Southern California, as some in our network frequently travel outside and beyond the Southern California area.

We are all professionally trained and we continue to receive and seek additional education and mentoring, in order to ensure a consistent postpartum and newborn care philosophy and standard of Best Practices. Additionally, the across-the-board variety of skills and experience in our network, ensures that we allow every client to find a perfect match for their individual needs.


  • Ease of Selection: Scroll through the profiles and contact the individual Newborn Care Professional. No need to to call around and ask for referrals.
  • Professional Network: We have access to wide ranging professional networks, like Lactation Consultants,
    Baby Wearing Consultants, Postpartum Massage Therapists, and many more.
  • Back Up/Fill In: In case your Postpartum Doula or Newborn Care Specialist falls ill or takes time off, or whether you just need extra help, we always have someone in our network to recommend to fill your need.
  • We strive to not only support, encourage and empower our clients, but we also offer the same support to one another as colleagues. Behind every successful woman is a tribe of sisters. We meet once a month and sincere and lasting friendships, and professional connections, are built and established because of and as a result from these monthly meetings.